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What We Are

This website is devoted to helping students, small business owners, and others interested in learning, refreshing and applying accounting knowledge. Aspects ranging from principles of financial and managerial accounting to practical advice are covered in lectures, tutorials, articles on this website.

What We Provide

The website is divided into two sections: free and subscription-based.

We keep a lot of theoretical material in this online accounting course free of charge. Please understand, however, that by providing this free material, we do not extend any permissions, implicit or explicit, to use this material for a commercial purpose. If you are interested in commercial use of this course, Contact Us. In addition to free theoretical material there are also free multiple-choice questions which can be used to test your knowledge and get a feel for the website functionality.

The subscription-based access provides additional features and more advanced material to you. You can read more lectures and articles, have access to a larger number of multiple choice questions, and obtain more control over your studying process (i.e. bookmarked topics, accounting certificates), among other things. See more about advanced features on Why Join.

How We Provide

The website content and functionality are the major values to you. Content has been created and maintained by seasoned people with accounting knowledge, experience and expertise (e.g. Certified Public Accountant or CPA). Check out Accounting Tutorials, Accounting Questions and Accounting Dictionary for free or subscribe at Join Now for more advanced material or functionality. A list of most lectures, tutorials, and articles is available on Site Map.

Thank You for Investing in Your Education

Whether you use free content of this website or take it a step further by subscribing to premium content, we would like to thank you for taking time to invest in education.