About Simplestudies.com

What is Simplestudies.com?

Simplestudies.com is an online accounting course created for those who want to learn accounting. Our website has been in existence since 2004 and offers training materials on financial and managerial accounting.

How is Simplestudies.com different from other online accounting courses?

Our website is a combination of free and paid material and training features (may not be so different from other websites). What differentiates us from other websites is the range of personalized training online tools to help you tackle accounting.

How is your course different from taking a class in a college or university?

Our website contains accounting tutorials similar to those taught in Principles of Accounting classes in a college or university but in a more condensed format. In addition, our large bank of test questions contains explanations to each answer choice available on the site. Finally, our website contains real-life accounting guides useful to accountants and bookkeepers which may not be available in a college or university class.

How do I use Simplestudies.com?

It's easy. Our customers can either utilize free training materials or buy a paid subscription. We recommend starting with free training materials such as accounting tutorials and questions. Then, see if you need premium features or content (e.g., more test and exam questions); if so, buy a paid subscription.

I have ideas for making Simplestudies.com better. How can I share them with you?

We appreciate any ideas for making Simplestudies.com better and will be glad to hear about them.

Accounting course and materials

Will this course help me find a job?

Accounting skills are valuable in the business world and having such skills may be helpful in finding a job. Even though we cannot guarantee that our course will help you find a job, we do think it will make you more comfortable during a job interview.

Does your course provide a degree or CPE hours?

Our course teaches principles of accounting. While the course covers a wide range of accounting information, the course does not cover the full range needed to obtain a degree. Because of the same reason we don't provide CPE hours. However, we feel that our course teaches the principles of accounting well, and therefore, we provide a certificate to our customers who complete the course.

How can I obtain a certificate of competence?

A certificate of competence is awarded to customers who pass exams for either financial or managerial accounting. Reading tutorials or solving test questions is not required before passing the exams, but is encouraged. The certificate can be shared with anybody by sending them a unique link that will be provided to a customer once the certificate is awarded. See an example of the certificate.

How fast can I start using the course?

You can start using the course right away if you only need free materials. In case you would like to subscribe to premium features and content, you can start using the course as soon as you create an account and make a payment.

I live outside the USA. Is this course relevant to me?

Our accounting course teaches principles of accounting, which are consistent across the globe. Even though there may be minor differences in accounting principles in different countries, the core accounting principles are the same. Thus, Simplestudies.com will be helpful to learn accounting in most countries of the world. In fact, a lot of our customers are from around the globe.

Do I need to have accounting or business background to use Simplestudies.com?

No, you do not need to have an accounting or business background to learn accounting at Simplestudies.com. Our course teaches accounting principles, which is what any person learns when they start studying accounting regardless of their background. Our materials were designed so that anybody with no prior accounting or business background can understand accounting.

What is the difference between Accounting Guides and Short Answers?

Accounting guides are practice advice for particular accounting questions. For example, a bookkeeper is interested to know more about restricted cash: the bookkeeper can find an accounting guide on this topic on our website. Short answers are shorter than accounting guides and cover more specific areas in accounting. For example, a student may want to understand what intangible assets are: the student can find a short answer about this area on our website.

How can I obtain free study notes?

It's easy. Just sign up for our newsletter on any page on our website (you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking a link in a newsletter). When you receive a confirmation e-mail from us, follow the link to confirm your sign up. A link to download the free study notes will be provided upon your confirmation.

What is My Studyboard?

My Studyboard is a centralized dashboard that shows your study progress, bookmarked topics, etc.Specifically, My Studyboard shows the progress on your tutorials reading, practice tests, and exam tests. My Studyboard will also indicate when you obtain a certificate of competence.

How to monitor my study progress?

My Studyboard will show your study progress by displaying what tutorials you have read, what test sets you have taken, and what exam tests you have taken and passed. The certificate progress page will also show the progress towards your certificate. When the certificate has been awarded to you, you will receive a link to a unique page with your certificate, which you can share with anybody.

What is my user name?

The e-mail that was used to create an account is your user name.

Can I obtain PDF files of online tutorials?

Tutorials are not available in PDF format. At the same time, users who have access to paid content (subscribers to yearly plans only) are able print the full text of a tutorial, including printing to PDF.

Making payments

Why are there free (basic) and paid (premium) materials?

Our website includes free accounting materials that do not require registration. We also offer a personalized accounting course with a paid registration. The fee for the personalized course is established to ensure our company has sufficient funds to develop and maintain materials, including free materials, of the highest quality.

What is included in the basic (free) content?
What is included in the premium (paid) content?

Premium content includes a large bank of practice questions (different from free accounting tests), exams, and advanced study functionality: ability to bookmark tutorial topics, customizable test taking, study progress monitoring, and certificate of competence. See why join for more information.

How can I pay for Simplestudies.com membership?

We utilize PayPal for accepting payments. Therefore, any payment method accepted by PayPal will work. This includes PayPal account payments, credit or debit cards, and some others.

Is Simpletudies.com secure to accept my payment?

As we accept payments via PayPal, we never see your payment details (e.g. credit card number), except for an e-mail indicating when a payment is made and who made it. PayPal handles all other processing, including charging your credit or debit card if you use them. PayPal is an industry leader in the online payments business and represents a secure way of making payments online.

How can I obtain group (corporate) membership?

Please contact us for more information. We welcome group (corporate) clients as we know there are great benefits that we can provide to such clients. Group (corporate) memberships can be provided to schools, colleges, for-profit companies, and non-for-profit entities. Registration of group members is simplified with a group promo code or any number of individually unique promo codes, none of which will require individual payments from group members.

Does Simplestudies.com offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on a case by case basis. Usually people to whom individual discounts are provided are contacted by us directly. Corporate clients also receive a discount for group licenses.

What is a promo code?

A promo code is a string of characters provided by Simplestudies.com that entitles the receiver for a discounted or free registration.

Can I pay for membership with foreign currencies?

We accept any currency which is accepted by PayPal, our online payment processor.

What if I sign up and don't like it?

Yearly plans: We offer a 30-day refund with no questions ask for yearly plans.

Monthly plans: We are not able to provide refunds for monthly plans. Please cancel your membership before the scheduled payment date to avoid further charges when you decide to cancel your membership. After a payment has been processed and you canceled your membership, your Simplestudies.com account will have access to premium content for 30 days after the most recent payment date.

How can I apply for a refund?

Yearly plans: Contact us with a request for a refund. Please include the e-mail address used during registration so we can easily identify the recipient of the refund.

Monthly plans: You can cancel your monthly recurring charges by going to Account, then Payments and clicking link Cancel Membership at the bottom of the page.

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