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Accounts payable is one of the areas that is likely to involve errors or misappropriation of assets. Internal controls will help to mitigate such risks. The three-way match is a well-known control related to accounts payable.

Internal auditing serves important functions in organizations. However, internal audit positions may not attract top quality job candidates. This article discusses a recent study aimed at understanding perceptions of external auditors on internal auditing.

Accounting professionals often face significant work-life balance issues, especially in the public accounting profession. In addition, members of the accounting profession are at a higher risk of job burnout compared to other professions. In this article, we will discuss results of a study performed in relation to work-life balance of accounting professionals (certified public accountants, CPAs).

Fixed assets may represent a significant area in many organizations. This article provides a list of fixed best practices.

Inventory represents another important area in a lot of organizations. This article provides a list of inventory best practices.

Accounts receivable represent another important area in the accounting realm of any organization. This article provides a list of accounts receivable best practices.

Accounts payable represent an important area in the accounting realm of any organization. This article provides a list of accounts payable best practices.

Big data, data mining and business analytics are on the rise these days. Are there ways these can be used by accountants? This article provides an example of using accounting (“big”) data to perform an analysis of customer profitability.

There are multiple types of costs and it may sometimes be hard to differentiate them. In this article, we will review cost classifications.

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Accounting Articles
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