Accounting Certifications: Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

4. Maintaining your CIA license and continuing professional education (CPE)

Once you have received your CIA certification, you will need to obtain required continuing professional education (CPE) to maintain your CIA license.  Reporting of your CPE is done as part of your annual report submitted on the IIA’s website. Such report is due annually on December 31.

For Certified Internal Auditors, the following CPE requirements exist:

  • 40 CPE hours for CIA certificate holders actively practicing internal auditing
  • 20 CPE hours for CIA certificate holders not actively practicing internal auditing
  • At least 2 CPE hours must be on the subject of ethics

The IIA is a great resource to obtain CPE hours. There are also a lot of third-party vendors providing training that qualifies for CPE hours for the CIA license.

As with other accounting certifications, CPE hours may be obtained not only by taking training, but also by authoring or contributing to publications, delivering presentations, and so forth.  Check the IIA website for the most recent list of activities that qualify for CPE hours.

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